R.H sin

If you’re looking for books that would help you drill yourself with the English language, poetry is not the best choice as a primary level. Poetry have a tendency to be a very dense genre, as by its very nature it carries very complex thoughts and meanings in language that can be highly symbolic. Having... Continue Reading →


beautiful bookmarks

Anything can be a bookmark for a booklover. A card Bank receipt Business card A piece of string Little fold around the corner Another small piece of paper I usually fold the corner of my book before this I was using the bookmark I received from @libertybooks but my love for bookmarks getting stronger day... Continue Reading →

life of bookish people

Everything has sides brighter or lighter , serious or funny so you got my point what exactly I am going to talk about .. yes, here are some funny facts about those weird people who love books. Dream to own a library this is dream of every reader that he wants to own a library... Continue Reading →

just read read and read..!!!

Years and years ago men started having some special activities and called them hobbies and favourites . .Reading is prolly one of most famous and addictive activities that a man can do. The most priceless thing in which a person is going to be able to explore the world and discover new ideas, concepts, places,... Continue Reading →

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